Something childish but entirely natural

Rust-colored stones.


one day sansa stark is gonna get pushed too far and she’s just gonna fucking lose her shit and start screaming and killing people and singing i’m not your toy by la roux and later surrounded by dead bodies she’s gonna compose herself and be like “i’m so sorry, that was very unladylike wasn’t it”

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This is me on my computer at 3am.

This is me on my computer at 3am.


Cry. Let it be hard and heavy. Let it be the last time. Tears will not undo any of it. You know that by now. Let it be the last time. Let go. Let go. Let go. Don’t live in your memories or your pain. Love is a tide - beautiful and violent. Rebuild after the wreckage. Let go. Keep going. 

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What this ring means

Snowy blossoms caress the morningstar
Birds dart through the opening sky
and my heart has never been more sure
With all we’ve seen and everywhere we’ve been
All the places we’ll go and the things we’ll do
I never imagined such a perfect friend
My doubts have scattered
The storms in my breast quieted by the pools of light in your eyes
My soul belongs to you
Irrevocably, eternally.